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In April 2015, our chemists were asked to track notable test findings for a one-month period. Here are just a few of the shockingly high levels of contaminants we found in the water that people were unknowingly drinking on a daily basis


Date Contaminant Concentration U.S. EPA Drinking Water Limit


4/29/15 Nitrate 37.3 ppm 10 Normally associated with fertilizer runoff
4/28/15 Lead 615 ppb 15 Very common toxin mostly from pipes in a corrosive water
4/27/15 Copper 4.97 ppm 1.3 Typically from copper pipes in a corrosive water
4/23/15 Lead 225 ppb 15 (see above)
4/20/15 MEK


90 ppb

110 ppb

  Components of PVC pipe glue and/or industrial solvent contamination. Not uncommon to see them in drinking water
4/18/15 Iron 12.8 ppm 0.3 Don't even try to wash a load of whites. Anything the lawn sprinkler hits will soon turn orange
4/9/15 Hardness 1850 ppm as CaCO3   "Very hard" water is greater than a couple hundred ppm, while sea water is around 6000
4/6/15 THF 900 ppb   This can't be good for you



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