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KAR Laboratories


We promise to protect your privacy to the extent allowed by law. We will not knowingly capture or collect ANY information - except the standard web mechanics of using your IP address to send web pages that you request to your browser. We will not watch, eaves-drop, or otherwise compromise your privacy when you visit our site. We will not share any information about you with third parties whatsoever, unless required by law. And we won't bother you with emails for marketing purposes.  If you visit our website for e-commerce reasons such as to purchase testing kits, Google Marketing, Google AdWords, and Google Analytics gather information from your page visits with cookies, web beacons, etc. for tracking reasons.

Special conditions for online access to your data: If you use our system for online data access, you have the option to send information to your email address. Your email address will remain confidential and will NOT be disclosed to third parties, nor will we use it to send solicitations. Your user name, IP address, date, time, and detailed information about data you request will be logged for security, but not disclosed to third parties or used for marketing or for any other purpose, unless required by law.


If you think that we have violated this policy, I want to know. Please contact me directly.



William Rauch, President


5/17/2001 original statement

10/22/2001 revised to include special conditions for database access accounts

1/20/2015 revised to allow for Google Analytics and Google Adwords (keyword tracking)

KAR Laboratories, Inc.

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