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KAR Laboratories





Commercial environmental customers* can get up-to-the-second laboratory data online anywhere an internet connection is available and it's immediately available for both lab work in-progress, and historical data up to seven years. Because of special report formatting requirements, the system does not currently support drinking water testing kit reports or hop testing reports. These features may be added in the future.

Your lab data can be viewed the second the data is keyed into our system by our scientists.  For a test drive:  User Name: kar, Password: kar

Using the same production database that our scientists and managers use, you can:

  •  View laboratory data online
  •  Receive printer-ready reports in Adobe PDF via email
  •  Receive laboratory data in Excel spreadsheet format via email

Our online access system was introduced in early 1995 and was one of the first laboratories in the U.S.A. to provide clients with online access to laboratory data.  The system provides fast and easy connections, more reporting options, and better fault tolerance using your browser's authentication system.  Your emailed reports are sent using a secure (SSL) connection. We serve over 17,000 emailed reports per year, with a failure rate of less than 0.1%.  "Failures" are nearly always a result of the end user's SPAM filters.

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* Online lab reports are available for commercial customers. Our system does not currently support drinking water testing kit reports or hop sample reports.

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Q: I lost my username and/or password

A: Contact us and we'll authenticate your request, then use your email address.


Q: I typed my username and password into the pop up authentication window, but I still cannot log on to the system

A: For security reasons, accounts that are unused for more than a year are deactivated. Please contact us to reactivate your account.


Q: The authentication window with username and password doesn't pop up

A: This is almost always a caching issue on the client's browser. Try these steps one at a time:

1) Page caching, usually by your browser and less commonly at the enterprise level, can prevent the authentication window from popping up. Please try hitting your refresh button at the page that's giving you trouble (https://www.karlabs.com/lims-online.htm)

2) Restart your browser.

3) Disable web page caching for www.karlabs.com

4) If it's your first time accessing karlabs.com with a browser, try checking your browser authentication setting. In Internet Explorer versions 6 through 11, click Tools, click Internet Options, click Security, select Internet zone, click Custom level, scroll to the bottom and make sure that User Authentication is set for "Prompt for username and password". Select OK, OK, then restart the browser. 


*Because of special report formatting requirements, online lab reports are available only for our commercial environmental customers. Sorry, our system does not currently support Drinking Water Testing Kits or hop testing.


KAR Laboratories, Inc.

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