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KAR Laboratories


KAR LIMS is the information hub of KAR Laboratories. Beginning on January 2, 1989 LIMS transformed KAR Laboratories from a paper-based lab to a computer-based system. KAR LIMS has evolved to what it is today by constantly responding to the changing needs of our clients. Nearly every conceivable step in the analytical process is now automated through the LIMS, including:

  • Sample log-in and printed sample labels.
  • Inquiry function to accommodate client telephone inquiries.
  • Work lists that can be customized by the department supervisor.
  • Project Progress reports delivered automatically daily to staff via E-mail.
  • Electronic transfer of instrumental data to LIMS.
  • Quality control with automatic graphing and report generation.
  • Logging of all Client interactions, requests, and change orders.
  • Validation routines which check dozens of areas for accuracy.
  • Report generation by several formats via hardcopy or electronic media.
  • Invoicing and Envelope printing.
  • Raw material and supplies ordering.



  • LIMSFAX: An automated LIMS report faxing function that faxes a report to you immediately. All we do is type in your Project No.
  • WEB DATABASE SERVER: Started in 1995 as one of the first client-accessed laboratory data systems in the USA. Provides direct access to environmental laboratory data using your internet connection and a standard web browser.  Drinking Water Testing Kits and hop testing are not currently supported due to their unique formatting requirements.
  • AUTO-EMAIL REPORT: Reports are sent to you via Email immediately and automatically upon completion by our office.
  • LIMS AUTO-NOTIFICATION: You will be emailed automatically if any test value exceeds your pre-defined threshold or contaminant level.
  • ELECTRONIC DATA DELIVERABLES: We can create and/or E-Mail a report in 10 different formats simply by typing in your Project No.
  • REPORTS: Available in several formats such as each sample on a separate page, multiple samples per page, Drinking Water Test Kit Report, Hop Sample Report, Quality Control Report. etc.



  • Minimum and maximum values are assigned to date fields and the format is limited to mo/da/yr for consistency.
  • Extensive use of "Lookup" tables to provide 100% consistent naming. Client information, test names, units, qualification codes and sample types are some examples.
  • Checks for data completeness (all of the following: concentration, units, date analyzed, analyst).
  • Checks for correct units for the sample type.
  • Checks for impossible concentration for the units specified (example <0% or >100%)
  • Checks rounding, concentration/dilution factoring and significant figure manipulations for instrumental data uploads.
  • Checks spike and duplicate data for compliance with statistically-based QC limits for the matrix type with required "Reason for QC Failure" documentation upon acceptance of data which falls outside of QC limits.
  • Quality Control Charting is available for the parameter by pressing a hotkey
  • Automatic uploading of instrumental data for Matrix Spikes and Matrix Spike Duplicates, calculations of Relative Percent Difference and Percent Recovery and comparison to method-specific limits.
  • Automatic Audit Trail of all changes made to unvalidated data.
  • Read-only access to Validated data.
  • Checks for missing units.
  • Checks for concentration outside the range for the units.
  • Checks for concentration outside the likely range for the test.
  • Checks for missing digit preceding a decimal point.
  • Checks for Holding time compliance.
  • Checks for missing comma separator on numbers >9999.
  • Checks for "Dissolved" concentrations greater than "Total".
  • Checks for rational BOD, COD and/or TOC relationships..
  • Checks that Hexavalent Chromium doesn't exceed Total Chromium.
  • Checks that Ammonia Nitrogen doesn't exceed Total Nitrogen.
  • Prints draft copy of analytical report.
  • Prints draft copy of invoice.
  • Prints test results sorted via "test" (a proof-reading aid).
  • Prints complete Ion Balance calculations with anion/cation listing, agreement of Dissolved Solids (measured) vs. Dissolved Solids (calculated) and agreement of Conductivity (measured) vs. Conductivity (calculated).
  • Prints copy of all client correspondence, additions, deletions and changes that relate to the project (from the "Project Change Log" database).

KAR Laboratories, Inc.

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