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KAR Laboratories


PLEASE NOTE: On 10/31/2017, KAR Laboratories was purchased by Pace Analytical Services. Pace intends to remain focused on it's core business. As a result, we have partnered with Alliance Analytical Labs in nearby Coopersville  for all future hop testing. Alliance has acquired KAR's hop testing instrumentation, accessories, supplies, calibration standards, methods, and standard operating procedures. This will enhance their existing hop testing business to provide the capacity and service needed for all hop testing customers.


Hop field

Hops provide important aroma, flavor and bitterness to beer. With the explosion of microbreweries across the country, KAR Laboratories was asked to provide this important testing in 2012. Our response, backed by 60 years in the analytical testing industry, quickly elevated our hops lab to premier status in the USA.  KAR is one of the most trusted, reliable, and fastest hop testing laboratories with unmatched service. In 2016, KAR reported nearly 10,000 individual hop test results. Reputation matters, especially in laboratory testing.


bullet Alpha acids (%)
bullet Beta acids (%)
bullet Cohumulone (as a % of total alpha acids)
bullet Colupulone (as a % of total beta-acids)
bullet Moisture (dry matter, weight loss on drying)
bullet Hop Storage Index (HSI)
bullet Hop Total Essential Oils by Steam Distillation
bullet Hop Essential Oils ("Profile") by Gas Chromatography


Sorry, we do not determine the species of unknown hop plants

  When price shopping, be sure that the lab includes a moisture test.  Many labs charge up to $30 extra. Our moisture test is free.
  Does the testing facility have a phone number that can be reached during normal business hours, year-round? Call us M-F 8-5 EST at 269-381-9666
  How long has the lab been in business, and will it be there when you need them? We've been providing lab services for 60 years
  You want experienced, degreed, professional analytical chemists testing your hops.  Students and general laborers can end up costing you much more, once the dust clears from an erroneous report. Our hop chemists have 4-year university chemistry degrees and average about 20 years lab experience each, and have reported over 11,000 individual hop tests in the most recent 3-year period.
  Is the lab adequately equipped?  Some labs claim to use the HOPS-13 method but really use downsized distillation units or even meth lab-style turkey cookers to lower costs. In those cases, good luck with laboratory inter-comparisons and good luck with precision (reproducibility). Many hop testing labs only operate a single, inexpensive spectrophotometer. We maintain a scanning diode array UV/VIS spectrometer, 3 HPLCs, 6 GCs, and 5 GC-MS instruments.
    You've worked very hard on your crops. Don't skimp on the testing!
Member, American Society of Brewing Chemists ASBC


Member, Michigan Brewers Guild


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Hops in the sunlight


KAR Laboratories, Inc.

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