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About KAR Laboratories



KAR Laboratories, Inc. was established in 1956 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, in response to a need for a variety of laboratory services not available to area companies.  KAR became incorporated in 1983 as part of an expansion of services emphasizing the environmental demands in today's society.  Many changes have occurred through the years as services were developed, expanded, or modified to meet the needs of clients.  Early work emphasized industrial formulations, quality control, forensic investigations and agricultural chemicals.  Clinical analyses soon followed and became an important area of service.  Beginning in the early 1970's, environmental analyses came to the forefront, starting with the analysis of livestock and dairy samples for PBB contamination. KAR was on the forefront of that historic contamination event, providing key laboratory data using Electron Capture Gas Chromatography in a time where such equipment was reserved for research and normally unavailable in production analytical laboratories. This began a shift of services that continued throughout the 1980's, positioning KAR Laboratories, Inc. as the premier, full service environmental testing laboratory in Michigan. 

The late 1990's brought a response to another client need by offering pharmaceutical testing services using FDA GLP protocols.  This business division operated  through 2008, where the pharmaceutical and drug testing services  matured into a separate company, allowing us to refocus our efforts on environmental concerns and regulation compliance.

KAR Laboratories, Inc. is proud to continue building on a solid reputation for cooperation and reliable analytical testing, and our company has earned an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. The firm has served clients in all the states and many countries, but like most environmental laboratories, the work tends to be mostly regional in nature, and therefore, principally serves Michigan, the Great Lakes areas, and the Midwest.  Services have been provided to all types of industry, municipalities, consultants and commercial establishments, regulatory agencies.  Most recently, a complete line of low cost, high value drinking water test kits became available with free shipping anywhere in the U.S.A. both to and from the lab.  KAR encourages laboratory cooperation and competition, and welcomes other laboratories to use KAR as a subcontractor.  The company will consider any project, but will only take on work where a likely beneficial service can be delivered to our client.

KAR Laboratories, Inc. offers a wide range of analytical services.  KAR also assists clients in interpretation of data, and in development of potential solutions to problems.  Consultation or development services are available on an individual basis.  KAR Laboratories' sole business is to provide service to fulfill the needs of its clients, at a fair and reasonable cost.


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